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Voice of America: Latest Developments in Ukraine: Oct. 14

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12:02 a.m.: Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended decisions made during her time in power to buy natural gas from Russia, The Associated Press reported.

“You always act in the time you are in,” Merkel said Thursday, adding she doesn’t regret decisions she made. She said that it was clear that Germany needed to diversify its energy supplies as it moved away from nuclear and coal-fueled power generation and that gas would be needed for the transitional period.

Merkel said that “from the perspective of that time, it was very rational and understandable to get pipeline gas, including from Russia, that was cheaper than LNG from other parts of the world.”

But the former German leader said that Russia’s “brutal attack” on Ukraine is “a turning point, and the new government of course has to deal with that and it is doing so.” 

Some information in this report came from The Associated Press.

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