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Armenia ex-ombudsman: What is happening in Karabakh is real tragedy


What is happening in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) is a real tragedy. Arman Tatoyan, director of the Tatoyan Foundation Center for Law and Justice, and the former Human Rights Defender (ombudsman) of Armenia, noted about this on Facebook. Tatoyan added as follows:

“Tens of thousands of civilians are forced to displacement from their homes and communities after nearly 9 months of blockade and being forced to starvation.

“People are lost, they can’t find their children, parents, relatives, they don’t know if they are alive or killed by Azerbaijani soldiers. Connections between cities and villages are cut off, roads are under Azerbaijani blockade.

“The population of Artsakh, being exhausted, deprived of all property, houses, having no connection, electricity, gas, is forced to spend days and nights in the streets and basements under fire.

“Azerbaijani armed servicemen also killed and injured women, children and the elderly. The shootings have not stopped in Stepanakert since early this morning.

“All these after 9 months of blockade cannot be described in any other way than genocide of 120,000 ethnic Armenians. This is the intended policy of the Azerbaijani authorities; this are criminal acts of a single chain.”


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