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Window on Eurasia — New Series: ‘Every Reich Needs Its ‘Jews’ – and for Putin’s, They are the LGBTs, Khots Says

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Paul Goble

            Staunton, Oct. 28 – Fascist regimes desperately need not only foreign enemies against whom they can go to war and blame for any problems within the country but enemies within who can be portrayed as working with these foreigners against the state and its people, Aleksandr Khots says.

            In short, the Russian commentator says, “any Reich is in dire need of having its own “Jews” so it will be able to bind the majority of the population to it on the basis of fear, hatred and blood.” And the Putin regime is using the LGBT community in this role (

            Like Germany’s Nuremberg laws which were overturned after Hitler was defeated, Khots says, new legislation against the LGBT community of Russia will be abolished after Putin and his regime are gone. Indeed, this legislation will become yet another reason for bringing Putin and his ilk before an international tribunal.

            At the current stage of imperial collapse and “against the backdrop of a lost war,” the Kremlin is actively seeking some group to channel social hatred away from itself and believes it has found one in the LGBT community. But whatever success the regime has in doing so, it will suffer a far higher price.

            Not only will it guarantee that it will face a future international tribunal for crimes against humanity, but it will suffer because such legislation and programs will spark a new outflow of people from Russia, one that may be far larger and have far more serious consequences for the economy and the country than anyone now believes.

            In fact, Khots argues, the new anti-LGBT legislation, “which imitates protection against the enemy” not only “disfigures the country” but undermines the current regime. “Thank God,” he says, “the regime doesn’t understand this and thus is shooting itself in the foot to the surprise of the world,” another instance of “Kremlin absurdity on the march.”

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