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Window on Eurasia — New Series: Finland has Become ‘Fourth Baltic Republic’ in Russian Eyes, Kondratenko Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Sept. 1 – Finland’s shift to the West, highlighted by its decision to join NATO, has transformed the image of that country as a friendly if neutral neighbor into a hostile “fourth Baltic republic” in the eyes of Russians, according to Rhythm of Eurasia commentator Artur Kondratenko.

            He says that Finnish leaders today like those in the three Baltic states “aren’t satisfied with being passively supportive of the anti-Russian views of EU and NATO but are going above and beyond their new Western allies (–2022-09-01–strana-suomi-bystro-prevraschaetsja-v-chetvertoe-gosudarstvo-baltii-61748).

            According to Kondratenko, the anti-Russian actions of the Finnish authorities in recent months “have forced Russian political analysts to begin to speak about what they see as the appearance to the northwest of the Russian Federation of ‘a fourth Baltic state’ inclined just as aggressively anti-Russian as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.”

            Among the examples he gives of such conclusions are the words of Vadim Trukhachev, an instructor at Moscow’s Russian State University of the Humanities. He says that it is long past time to list Finland as an unreliable partner and avoid entering into long-term projects with it (

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