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George Santos under investigation, but vows to be sworn in

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NEW YORK (NewsNation) — New York Rep.-elect George Santos is now under investigation by the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. While he’s the center of multiple investigations, he insists that the controversy won’t deter him from serving out this two-year term in Congress.

Now, there’s growing concern there could be more lies or cover ups, and almost everything is under scrutiny from Santos’ life story and work history to personal finances.

Santos has admitted to lying about having Jewish ancestry, a Wall Street pedigree and a college degree, but he has yet to address other lingering questions — including the source of what appears to be a quickly amassed fortune despite recent financial problems, including evictions and owing thousands in back rent.

He admitted to lying about working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, as well as having earned a degree in finance and economics from Baruch College in New York.

Beyond his resume, Santos invented a life story that has also come under question, including claims that his grandparents “fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, settled in Belgium, and again fled persecution during WWII.”

During his campaign, he referred to himself as “a proud American Jew.”

He backtracked on that claim, saying he never intended to claim Jewish heritage, which would have likely raised his appeal among his district’s significant ranks of Jewish voters.

Prosecutors say he’s not above the law and if they find any wrong doing he will be charged.

Anne Donnelly, a Republican and Nassau County district attorney, which is part of the congressional district Santos will be representing, has opened an investigation saying, “The numerous fabrications and inconsistencies associated with congressman-elect Santos are nothing short of stunning.”

The New York attorney general’s office has already said it’s looking into issues that have come to light.

On Fox News Tuesday night, Santos came under withering questioning by former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who was sitting in for Tucker Carlson.

“Do you have no shame? Do you have no shame [inaudible] the people are now you’re asking to trust you to go and be their voice for them, their families and their kids in Washington,” she asked him.

“I’m not a fraud. I’m not a fake. I didn’t materialize from thin air. I worked damn hard to get where I got my entire life,” Santos replied.

Santos hasn’t been charged with any crimes. Despite intensifying doubt about his fitness to hold federal office, Santos says he won’t resign.

Santos is scheduled to be sworn in next Tuesday, when the U.S. House reconvenes. If he assumes office, he could face investigations by the House Committee on Ethics and the Justice Department.

Some New York Democrats are questioning if Santos lives in the district he represents, and they say if that’s true, he should be charged with voter fraud.

Community leaders, from the organizations Courage for America and Unrig Our Economy, will hold a press conference Friday at the Nassau County Courthouse to demand that House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy investigate Santos.

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