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Idaho murders – update: ‘Bright and awkward’ suspect Bryan Kohberger ‘eager to be exonerated,’ lawyer says


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Kohberger’s attorney, chief public defender Jason LaBar, said Kohberger is eager to be exonerated and plans to tell a judge in Monroe County, Pennsylvania on Tuesday that he will waive his extradition hearing so he can be quickly brought to Idaho. 

LaBar also cautioned people against passing judgment on the case until a fair trial is held. The case has generated massive amounts of speculation on social media, with would-be sleuths suggesting possible motives and frequently trying to pin the blame for the deaths on various friends and acquaintances of the victims.

“Mr. Kohberger has been accused of very serious crimes, but the American justice system cloaks him in a veil of innocence,” LaBar wrote in a prepared statement. “He should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise — not tried in the court of public opinion.”

Police are now trying to understand “every aspect” of Kohberger, Dahlinger said. When the arrest was announced, investigators asked that anyone that knows Kohberger call a tip line to share information. … 

“We interacted in class, but personally I was not a fan of Bryan because of comments he had made about LGBTQ+ individuals,” they said in an email to The Associated Press. “He was a little off, but I always thought it was because he was awkward and wanted to fit in.” 

Genetic genealogy techniques were used to connect Kohberger to unidentified DNA evidence, another source with knowledge of the case tells CNN. The DNA was run through a public database to find potential family member matches, and subsequent investigative work by law enforcement led to him as the suspect, the source said. 

Steve Goncalves, Goncalves’ father, told ABC News after Kohberger’s arrest that neither he, nor anyone else in the family knew Kohberger. But he noted that after learning the suspect’s identity, they have started to see connections between Kohberger and Goncalves, though they couldn’t discuss them yet. …

Cops also continue to ask the public for any information they might have about Kohberger, whose former classmates described him to The Daily Beast on Friday as a “very intelligent” amateur boxer who could be “detached” but also “aggressive.”

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