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Italy ready to send more weapons to Ukraine – foreign minister

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Italy’s International Minister and Deputy Key Minister Antonio Tajani has said that Italy is completely ready to send a new batch of armed service support to Ukraine to assistance defend itself in opposition to Russian troops who are carrying out a total-scale invasion of the region.

That’s according to ANSA, Ukrinform reviews.

“We are carrying out anything we can for Ukraine. We are ready to deliver a lot more weapons. […] Naturally, the parliament will be knowledgeable before we do so. We have sent around 50 tonnes of electrical substance for the reconstruction of the power grid ruined by the Russian attacks,” Tajani mentioned.

According to him, the Italian facet is currently in talks with France about air protection weapons for Ukraine.

“We also reiterated our intention to support the complete independence of Ukraine in yesterday’s conference between Leading Giorgia Meloni and Japanese Key Minister Fumio Kishida,” Tajani stated.

Tajani claimed on January 10 that Italy intends to supply Ukraine with an air protection system to secure versus Russian attacks, but Rome demands to take care of technical troubles prior to it is sent.

Photograph: ANSA

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