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Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to 103,770

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have currently eradicated about 103,770 Russian troops in Ukraine from February 24 to December 27, including 550 over the previous day alone.

The Normal Workers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said this in a publish on Facebook, in accordance to Ukrinform.

The enemy’s complete fight losses include things like also 3,017 tanks (+1 in excess of the previous day), 6,037 armored overcome cars (+13), 1,999 artillery techniques (+1), 418 many launch rocket techniques, 212 air protection devices, 283 warplanes, 267 helicopters, 4,660 motor cars (+8), 16 warships/cutters, 1,707 unmanned aerial cars, 179 exclusive gear units. A full of 653 enemy cruise missiles have been shot down.

The data is being verified, the Normal Employees famous.


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