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Ukraine faces uncertainty as US budget crisis threatens aid

US is facing a precarious situation as the US budget crisis puts its vital military and humanitarian aid at risk. The war-torn country, which has been fighting against Russian relies heavily on the US support.

The US has been the largest donor to Ukraine, providing more than $113 billion in assistance since the war began. However, the domestic political fight in Washington has jeopardized the continuation of this support, as Congress failed to approve a new funding package that included $24 billion for Ukraine.

President Joe Biden has reassured Kyiv and its allies that the US will not walk away from Ukraine, and urged Congress to stop playing games and get the aid done as soon as possible. He said there is an overwhelming sense of urgency, as the funding bill lasts only until mid-November.

However, some Republicans have expressed doubts about the accountability and effectiveness of the US aid to Ukraine, and questioned whether it is in the national interest.

The uncertainty over the US aid comes at a critical time for Ukraine, which is trying to make progress in its counteroffensive against Russia before winter sets in. The country also faces challenges from its neighbors, such as Poland, which announced this week that it would no longer arm Ukraine due to its own political and economic issues.

Ukraine has appealed to the international community for more support and solidarity, as it fears that losing the US backing could embolden Russia and other adversaries in the future. Zelensky said that Ukraine is not only fighting for its own freedom, but also for the values and security of the democratic world.

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