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War will end with restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity

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Ukraine will not make any concessions concerning its territorial integrity, and negotiations are feasible only on other problems.

According to Ukrinform, Ukrainian Overseas Minister Dmytro Kuleba claimed this in an job interview with the Arabic Tv channel Akhbar Al Aan.

“There simply cannot be any concessions on the challenge of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. On other concerns, we can negotiate. But this is one thing that need to not be considered as a maximalist placement. This is a incredibly respectable posture protected by worldwide regulation,” Kuleba reported.

He added that Russia need to not enjoy this match, demanding that Ukraine “has to be additional constructive and make concessions.” “Because it can be not us who arrived to their household. It really is them who arrived to our household,” Kuleba explained.

He recalled that Russian troops undertake assaults on Ukrainian positions in the south and east of Ukraine every single working day, start missiles and drones at Ukrainian towns. And this actions of Russia only proves that it is not prepared for negotiations and restoration of peace. “When you sincerely want to restore peace, you act in fantastic religion, you simply just do not behave like this. You do not hit tranquil cities with missiles, you do not check out to deprive innocent civilians of electric power, h2o and heating source in the middle of winter season. […] Russia is trying to find war, not peace,” Kuleba reported.

He pointed out that Russia’s aim is to “destroy the point out of Ukraine and to return the folks of Ukraine under the Russian rule.” Every little thing else is “just a smokescreen for Russian correct political and military aims.”

Kuleba explained that Ukraine did not want this war and it was imposed on it. “We are preventing back again doing exercises the suitable to self-defense envisaged by the UN Charter,” he reported.

Kuleba earlier said that Ukraine plans to hold an global summit by the conclusion of February 2023 to go over a peace method proposed by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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